Superdrive – SV650 Steering Wheel

The best compromise between design and performance for unrivalled playing comfort.

Référence : SA5645-NG /  EAN : 3701221702700

• Angle de rotation : 270 degrés
• Diamètre du volant : 26 cm
• Palettes au volant et pédalier
• Double moteur à vibration – 3 niveaux de sensibilité
• Finition bi-matière avec grip au volant

The best compromise between design and performance for unrivalled playing comfort.

  • Angle of rotation: 270 degrees
  • Steering wheel diameter: 26 cm
  • Steering wheel and pedal paddles
  • Dual vibration motors – 3 sensitivity levels
  • Bi-material finish with steering wheel grip


The SV 650 racing simulation wheel is the best compromise between design, grip and performance. Developed by our R&D team, it offers an unrivalled racing experience with a level of comfort that will appeal to all players. Want to immerse yourself in the excitement of racing? The SV 650 will become the ultimate weapon for players looking for a stylish, high-performance steering wheel.


The SV 650 racing wheel features a 270° angle of rotation that combines precision with a true-to-life driving feel. It’s fully programmable, with 3 sensitivity levels that can be set directly from the wheel. The SV 650 racing wheel is fitted with suction cups and a clip for mounting on a desk or any flat surface.


Optimised for enhanced performance, the SV 650 offers unrivalled playing comfort. Its bi-material treatment, ergonomic shape, 12-hour marking on the steering wheel and flattened rim give it a resolutely sporty, top-of-the-range look. It has two steering-wheel-mounted gearshift paddles, a 2-pedal pedal system (for acceleration and braking) and a non-slip footrest system.

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