About us

SUPERDRIVE is one of the widest range of steering wheels on the video game market today. With 10 different models divided into two categories: “standard shuttlecocks” and “shuttlecocks with integrated gear lever”, SUPERDRIVE is aimed at a wide audience, from beginners to experienced players.

Accessible to all, SUPERDRIVE has set itself apart from its competitors thanks to its multiple functionalities, its modern and sleek designs and its simulation seat designed to give you a unique gaming experience.

The multi-compatibility of its products makes it possible to play on all current platforms (Playstation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo…) with a single steering wheel.

The strength of SUPERDRIVE is also its quality/price ratio, whatever the product, to share the pleasures of Racing with as many drivers as possible.

A complete range of products

Superdrive offers a full range of great value steering wheels with or without gear shifters.