Racing wheel with pedals for PC. (Is not Playstation 5 compatible).

Référence : SA5595-PC / EAN : 3701221702588


  • Steering wheel and pedal combo
  • 3m cable
  • Rotation: 270
  • Double vibration motor
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Button programming function
  • Steering wheel mounted paddle shifters
  • Suction cup or clamp mounting


With the new SV710 live a unique and immersive racing experience at an unbeatable price thanks to its compatibility with gaming helmets.

A careful finish

The SV710 racing wheel is specially designed to provide a more realistic racing experience. Accessible to all, it is equipped with a double vibration motor and a foot pedal.

A 270° rotation

The SV710 steering wheel gives you a tenfold and ultra-realistic driving sensation with its 28 cms wheel and a 270° angle of rotation that adapts to your driving habits, with 3 levels of sensitivity, adjustable directly from the steering wheel.

Sporty driving

A SUPERDRIVE design with a thoughtful and clean design where you’re sure to feel the responsiveness, smoothness and fluidity of the wheel as you negotiate a corner. With two paddle shifters, footrest system and non-slip glides.

Compatible with Driving cockpits

Supplied with 2 screws for the steering wheel, it can be fixed to both simulation seats and flat surfaces and desks thanks to its suction cups.

Compatible with all games

Compatible with PC. (Not compatible with Playstation 5).
Fully programmable, (buttons, pedals, paddles…), it is compatible with all racing games (Gran Turismo 7 (PS4), Forza Motor Sport 7, Forza Horizon 5, Project Cars 2, F1 2020, Need for Speed, Dirt, WRC, Grid, V Rally 4, Gear Club 2, GTA V…).

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