High-end steering wheel with manual gear lever and pedal with accelerator, brake and clutch pedal for PS4, Xbox Serie X/S, Xbox One. (Not PC or PS5 compatible)

Reference : SA5627-NG / EAN : 3701221702168


– Combo steering wheel, 3-pedal pedal board, and manual shifter

– Dual vibration motor (compatible with sequential mode only / does not work when lever is connected)

– Manual gear lever can be repositioned to the right or left

– Sensitivity adjustment

– Button programming

– Shift paddles

– Strong suction cup or screw fixing

– Compatible with gaming headsets

– Compatible with PS4, Xbox X-Series, Xbox One

– Compatible with all racing games (Gran Turismo 7 (PS4), Forza, Need for Speed, …)


A steering wheel with manual shifter ans 3 pedals

The GS780-X racing wheel is the racing simulation accessory designed to provide a more realistic racing experience. It features a manual shifter (5 speeds + reverse), a triple anti-slip foot pedal as well as a dual vibration motor (compatible with sequential mode only / does not work when lever is connected) and a 3.5 jack for gaming headphones.

A 270° rotation

The GS850-X steering wheel features a 28 cm wheel with a 270° rotation angle that adapts to your driving habits, fully programmable with 3 sensitivity levels that can be set directly from the steering wheel.

A complete steering wheel

The GS850-X features a manual gearstick, two paddle shifters (+/-), a pedal for acceleration, braking and clutching. Its lever is fixed by a screw system and can be positioned to the right or left of the steering wheel.

Compatible with driving cockpits

Supplied with 2 clamping screws for the steering wheel and 1 for the gear lever, it can be fixed to both simulation seats or to flat surfaces and desks thanks to its suction cups.

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